Can You Pick Up My Junk Car?

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When a car begins to reach the end of its working life, the dreaded thoughts begin to cross the owner’s mind – is it time to start calling the local scrap merchants?

Some vehicles may still have some life ahead of them. Just because your car has been involved in a serious accident and has multiple issues with its bodywork or suspension it doesn’t mean you can’t take the engine and gearbox and donate them to another car waiting for a suitable donor. This is where salvage enters.

When a car that has no reusable parts, it becomes a Scrap car as it is deemed uneconomical to repair. The term salvage is widely used within the automotive industry as a car or van that has either a mechanical fault or has been damaged and is now considered not viable to repair. For an insurance company, it is the term used for a damaged vehicle once a claim has been made and they have decided not to repair it.

Salvaged cars, however, still have the potential to be made roadworthy once again, even after being written off by your insurance company. When your car gets written off it will fit into different categories depending on what damage the car has been put through.

We at Junk Cars I Pay More, ensure that the entire process of salvaging your motor is made as simple and hassle free as possible. With our dedicated team of experts and their extensive knowledge they will be able to provide you with the very best options and will ensure that you are getting the very best price for your car, guaranteed.

Junk Cars I Paymore provides Instant Cash for Cars, even when they are ‘unsellable’ to traditional car buyers. Cash for Cars Lauderdale, Cash for Old Cars, Cash for Damaged Cars, Cash for Wrecked Cars, Cash for Broken Cars, Cash for Junk Cars, Cash for Scrap Cars and Cash for Unwanted Cars are provided by us.

Our presence is there at Boca Ratonfl, Daviefl, Deer Field Beach and Hallandale Beach. Not to forget we are there at Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach. We offer free towing pick up in Fort Lauderdale, Miami or West Palm Beach. We buy vehicles, whether running or not. any make or model ,title or no title. We offer excellent service & money which will fill your pocket.

If you need a junk car removal or want to sell a car to scrap, we offer the best price for your junk car. All you have to do is email, call, or text us in order to get the best price for your old junk car, contact Junk Cars I Paymore. Visit our website for more information or give us a call right away at (954) 245-1445. We work round the clock. We provide recycling services at adequate costs while we work in the most environmental-friendly way.



Can You Pick Up My Junk Car?

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